Dessert Glassware

Whether you serve coffee or sweets after meals, we have the coffee glasses for a perfect latte, mocha or Irish coffee and sorbet dish from Kristallon for a delicious sorbet to suit.

Soda - 355 ml

H: 191mm x D: 79mm x Size: 355 ml

SKU: LB5110

$5.90 +GST

Irish Coffee - 237 ml

H: 162mm x D: 92mm x Size: 237 ml

SKU: LB5292

$9.10 +GST

Kristallon Polycarb Sorbet Dish (Box 12)

165ml. Pack quantity: 12

SKU: J911

$32.90 +GST

Libbey Fountainware Sundae - 215ml 7.5oz (Box 24)

215ml. Pack quantity: 24

SKU: GH677

$189.90 +GST

Libbey Fountainware Tulip Sundae Glass - 155ml 5.5

155ml. Pack quantity: 24

SKU: GH678

$174.90 +GST

$6.90 +GST

$64.30 +GST

Olympia Toughened Coffee Latte Glass - 285ml 10oz

285ml. Pack quantity: 12

SKU: GF929

$56.90 +GST

$10.65 +GST

Sundae - 185 ml

H: 146mm x D: 102mm x Size: 185 ml

SKU: LB5315

$7.85 +GST

Sundae Cup - 165ml


SKU: P328

$4.90 +GST

Supreme - 532 ml

H: 114mm x D: 130mm x Size: 532 ml

SKU: LB5118

$7.40 +GST