Pourers, Stoppers & Measures

A range of dispensing and measuring solutions, including acrylic jigger for measuring spirits and a variety of pourers, ideal for use in a bar, restaurant or club.

$2.20 +GST

30ml Combo Spirit Measure - Black

Spirit Measure Weights & Measure Approved

SKU: 08990

$9.90 +GST

Acrylic Jigger 15/30ml

Capacity: 15/30ml

SKU: DL672

$5.10 +GST

Bar Liquor Pourer

Medium slow pour speed

SKU: C164

$1.90 +GST

Bar Liquor Pourer

Fast pour speed

SKU: C166

$1.90 +GST

Beaumont Mezclar Preciso Cocktail Jigger

25ml and 50ml measure. CE stamped. Stainless steel

SKU: DF228

Price On Application

$27.18 +GST

Beverage Pourer Insulated PP 250ml Yellow (Box 24)

Pourer. Ideal for healthcare

SKU: GM969

$264.90 +GST

Certified acrylic double jigger (Box 12)

15ml / 30ml CE

SKU: CK404

$51.90 +GST

Champagne Stopper St/St


SKU: GH735

$12.14 +GST

Champagne Stopper-18/8 -

18/8 Stainless Steel Stopper

SKU: TR71012

$3.96 +GST

$7.36 +GST

Chrome Plated Speed Pourer with Cap

Chrome Plated Speed Pourer with Cap

SKU: 07911

$3.00 +GST

Clear Jigger - 15/30ml


SKU: 04400

$5.15 +GST

Combo Measure-30Ml Burgundy each

Weights & Measures Approved

SKU: 08991

$12.00 +GST

Jigger -Wine 18/8 250Ml

SKU: 7908-250ml

$15.30 +GST

Libbey Jigger Glass 3 oz - 89ml 36 Pack

89ml 36 Pack

SKU: LB2303

$74.65 +GST

Lid for Beverage Pourer 250ml (for 98140) (Box 12)

Compatible with GM969. Ideal for healthcare

SKU: GM979

$47.50 +GST

Medium Slow Tapor Pourer St/St (Pack 12)

Medium slow pour speed

SKU: GD685

$18.09 +GST

Mezclar Branded Jigger Copper Plated - 25ml 35ml 5

25ml and 50ml measure. CE stamped. Copper plated

SKU: DF231

Price On Application

$13.55 +GST

$4.45 +GST

$4.45 +GST

Pouring/Storing Container Green

330(H) x 95(Ø)mm. 1 Litre

SKU: C168

$7.90 +GST