Cork Extractors & Bottle Openers

Variety of bottle openers corkscrews and cork extractors ideal for waiters and bartenders who need quick and reliable equipment to open a variety of bottles.

$2.16 +GST

Bartenders Blade St/St


SKU: D866

$3.90 +GST

Bottle Opener Black PVC Grip

179(L)mm. Stainless Steel

SKU: CD273

$7.50 +GST

Crown Bottle Opener

93(L)mm. Stainless steel

SKU: J379

$1.90 +GST

Double Reach Corkscrew

120(H) x 20(W) x 11(D)mm.

SKU: D833

$4.90 +GST

Lever Bottle Opener

170(H) x 63(W) x 38(D)mm

SKU: J158

$7.50 +GST

Vogue Cork Extractor Shelf Mount

322(H) x 81(W) x 255(D)mm

SKU: J479

$49.90 +GST

Waiters Friend

110(L)mm. Plastic and stainless steel

SKU: D786

$7.50 +GST