Cocktails, Shots & Accessories

Create the perfect cocktails time and time again with our range of cocktails shakers and accessories, including stirrers and mixing spoons, suitable for any bar in restaurants, pubs, night clubs and more.

Embassy Martini - 274 ml

H: 165mm x D: 111mm x Size: 274 ml

SKU: LB3779

$6.55 +GST

Salud Grande - 296 ml

H: 175mm x D: 121mm x Size: 296 ml

SKU: LB8480

$7.85 +GST

Olympia St/St Barware Muddler

212(L)x34(Ø)mm. Stainless Steel

SKU: DR592

$11.73 +GST

Hand Lemon Squeezer Powder Coated

60(H) x 82(W) x 225(D)mm. Medium

SKU: DP122

$8.90 +GST

400ml Polysafe Hurricane Cocktail Glass (Ps-26)

Polycarbonate Cocktail Glass

SKU: TR360040

$10.35 +GST

Black Cocktail Stirrers - 185mm (Pack 100)

180(L) x 30(Ø)mm. Quantity: 100

SKU: CC429

$7.90 +GST

Boston Shaker (800ml) & Glass (455ml)

Shaker 800ml. Glass 455ml

SKU: S766

$29.90 +GST

Boston Shot 30ml

SKU: TRCC752134

$1.04 +GST

Boston/Cocktail Shaker-18/8, Base Only -

Base of Cocktail Set TR70950

SKU: TR70950-B

$4.00 +GST

Boston/Cocktail Shaker-Glass Only -

Glass of Cocktail Set TR70950

SKU: TR70950-G

$3.65 +GST

Citation Martini - 177 ml

H: 149mm x D: 108mm x Size: 177 ml

SKU: LB8455

$3.80 +GST

Cocktail Mixing Spoon St/St - 10"

270(L) x 30(Ø)mm. Stainless steel

SKU: K474

$6.90 +GST

Copper Cocktail Shaker 2pc - 600ml 21oz

Capacity: 600ml / 21oz. Copper

SKU: GK959

$33.55 +GST

Cordial - 74 ml

H: 105mm x D: 38mm x Size: 74 ml

SKU: LB1650

$1.85 +GST

Crisa Boston Shooter - 33ml



$1.15 +GST

$1.91 +GST

Cyclone Hurricane - 444 ml

H: 210mm x D: 79mm x Size: 444 ml

SKU: LB3617

$8.95 +GST

$0.75 +GST

$2.32 +GST

Buy in lots of 6

Glass Rimmer

70(H) x 200(W) x 160(D)mm. For frosting glass rims

SKU: F978

$21.90 +GST

Kristallon Bar Caddy - 240x150x105mm

240(W) x 150(D). Colour: Black

SKU: F980

$12.90 +GST