Bar Supplies

Our range of bar supplies will equip you with all the items needed to produce beverages and drinks service of a high standard. Bar equipment includes most items from wine coolers to spirit measures and ice crushers. Shake, mix and pour delicious drinks with the help of some top brands, including Monin, APS and Bonzer.

Squall Hurricane - 444 ml

H: 210mm x D: 79mm x Size: 444 ml

SKU: LB3616

$7.75 +GST

$2.20 +GST

Combo Measure-30Ml Burgundy each

Weights & Measures Approved

SKU: 08991

$12.00 +GST

Acrylic Jigger 15/30ml

Capacity: 15/30ml

SKU: DL672

$5.10 +GST

Crown Bottle Opener

93(L)mm. Stainless steel

SKU: J379

$1.90 +GST

Monin Caramel - 1Ltr

1Ltr / 35oz

SKU: GC390

$15.50 +GST

30ml Combo Spirit Measure - Black

Spirit Measure Weights & Measure Approved

SKU: 08990

$9.90 +GST

Monin Hazelnut - 1Ltr

1Ltr / 35oz

SKU: GC391

$15.50 +GST

Acrylic Wine Bucket

281(H) x 198(Ø)mm. With carry handle

SKU: GD670

$17.50 +GST

$2.16 +GST

Monin Vanilla - 1Ltr

1Ltr / 35oz

SKU: GC392

$15.50 +GST

Boston/Cocktail Shaker-Glass Only -

Glass of Cocktail Set TR70950

SKU: TR70950-G

$3.65 +GST

Champagne Stopper-18/8 -

18/8 Stainless Steel Stopper

SKU: TR71012

$3.96 +GST

Cocktail Mixing Spoon St/St - 10"

270(L) x 30(Ø)mm. Stainless steel

SKU: K474

$5.90 +GST

$14.76 +GST

Ice Scoop St/St

Stainless steel

SKU: CK432

$7.60 +GST

$33.00 +GST

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker and Glass

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker and Glass

SKU: 07950

$8.59 +GST

$2.80 +GST

Avanti 8 Cup Pop Release Ice Cube Tray

Set of 2 Trays Blue/Green

SKU: SH12103

$9.95 +GST

$124.90 +GST

Elephant Vanilla Chai David Rio 1.8kg


SKU: BOEQCP12.0017

$80.05 +GST