Tabletop & Bar

425ml Polysafe Conical Schooner Glass (Ps-1)

Polycarbonate, Certified and Nucleated

SKU: TR300042

$4.95 +GST

285ml Polysafe Conical Pot / Midi Glass (Ps-3)

Polycarbonate, Certified and Nucleated

SKU: TR300028

$4.05 +GST

Wooden Pine Boats - Pack 50

Available in Various Sizes


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From $4.95 +GST

Round Wide Rim Side Plate - 180mm


SKU: LF1102

$2.45 +GST

$7.95 +GST

Citation Goblet - 296 ml

H: 178mm x D: 76mm x Size: 296 ml

SKU: LB8456

$3.55 +GST

Supreme - 532 ml

H: 114mm x D: 130mm x Size: 532 ml

SKU: LB5118

$7.40 +GST

Mussel Pot 1kg 200mm

190(H) x 200(Ø)mm. Pan and lid included. 1kg

SKU: CD678

$19.90 +GST

Decor Sauce Dispenser - 500ml


SKU: DEC128340-006

$4.15 +GST

$7.50 +GST

All Purpose Mug - 266 ml

H: 114mm x D: 108mm x Size: 266 ml

SKU: LB5589

$4.60 +GST

Gibraltar Cooler - 473 ml

H: 162mm x D: 86mm x Size: 473 ml

SKU: LB15256

$3.25 +GST

Lobster Pick-18/8, Deluxe 205Mm -


SKU: TR70775

$1.80 +GST

Long Fine Sauce Dish 80mm


SKU: LF1139A

$1.45 +GST

$4.68 +GST

175ml Disposable Wine Goblet 10 Pack

Outdoor Function Goblet


$3.33 +GST

$2.85 +GST

Table Spoon-18/10 - Rome

Pack 12

SKU: TR12059

$32.40 +GST

Mussel Pot - 0.5kg dia 140mm

155(H) x 140(Ø)mm. Pan and lid included. 0.5kg

SKU: CF269

$14.90 +GST

Teaspoon-S/S - Melbourne

Pack 12

SKU: TR17255

$4.86 +GST

200ml Polysafe Martini Cocktail Glass (Ps-9)

Polycarbonate Cocktail Glass

SKU: TR360020

Price On Application

$7.20 +GST

30ml Combo Spirit Measure - Black

Spirit Measure Weights & Measure Approved

SKU: 08990

$9.90 +GST

400ml Polysafe Vino Rosso (Ps-16)

Polycarbonate Wine Glass, No Pour Line

SKU: TR350041

$7.56 +GST