Food Merchandisers

Our range of attractive heated and ambient merchandisers and food warmers has been specially selected to add value to food and improve hygiene. The range includes displays from top brands including Apuro, and Birko.

Birko Pie Warmer 1040092

Capacity: 100 Pies. Power: 1.85kW

SKU: DL772

$669.90 +GST

Roband Pie Warmer PA100

Capacity: 100 Pies.

SKU: GB110

$624.90 +GST

Woodson 50 Capacity Pie Warmer

50 Pie Capacity*


$585.55 +GST

Birko Pie Warmer 1040091

Capacity: 50 Pies. Power: 1.25kW

SKU: DL565

$539.90 +GST

Roband Pie Warmer 40DT

Capacity: Up to 40 Pies.

SKU: DN559

$549.90 +GST

Roband Hot Dog & Bun Warmer M3

Glass Tank.

SKU: DN563

$799.90 +GST

Roband Pie & Food Warmer PW50

Capacity: 50 Pies.

SKU: DN564

$819.90 +GST

Roband Pie & Food Warmer PW100

Curved Top.

SKU: DN571

$919.90 +GST

Roband Pie & Food Warmer with Light PA40L

Capacity: 40 Pies.

SKU: GB111

$609.90 +GST

Roband Pie Warmer PA50

50 Pies.

SKU: GB112

$524.90 +GST


Apuro Heated Countertop Display Cabinet 100Ltr

Capacity: 100Ltr. Power 1.1kW

SKU: GC875-A

$699.90 $629.91


Apuro Heated Countertop Display Cabinet 120Ltr

Capacity: 120Ltr. Power 1.1kW

SKU: GC876-A

$849.90 $764.91


Apuro Heated Countertop Display Cabinet 160Ltr

Capacity: 160Ltr. Power 1.1kW

SKU: GC877-A

$999.90 $899.91

Apuro Pie Cabinet

Capacity: 30 Pies. Power: 400W

SKU: GF454-A

$399.90 +GST

Apuro Large Pie Cabinet

Capacity: 60 Pies. Power: 750W

SKU: GF455-A

$499.90 +GST

Birko Pie Warmer 1040090

Capacity: 50 Pies. Power: 1.25kW

SKU: GF493

$464.90 +GST

Birko Pie Warmer 1040093

Capacity: 100 Pies. Power: 1.55kW

SKU: GF494

$589.90 +GST

Roband Pie Warmer Hammertone Finish 80DT

Capacity: Up to 60 Pies.


$867.00 +GST

Woodson 100 Capacity Pie Warmer

100 Pie Capacity*


$669.75 +GST

Woodson 200 Capacity Pie Warmer

200 Pie Capacity*


$3,110.00 +GST