Upright Freezers

A wide range of cabinet freezers from a variety of brands, ideal for all commercial kitchens needing reliable long-term storage. Available in a variety of capacities

Coldline 1 Door Freezer Cabinet Pastry 900L -10/-2

810mm x 1015mm x 2085mm - Weight 160kg

SKU: A90-1B

$5,090.00 +GST

Double Glass Door Freezer 726L


SKU: DFS2999

$3,600.00 +GST

$4,380.00 +GST

$5,290.00 +GST

$3,300.00 +GST

Polar C-Series Upright Freezer - 600Ltr

777(W)mm. Capacity: 600Ltr.

SKU: CD085-A

$1,899.90 +GST

Polar C-Series Upright Freezer 365Ltr

600(W)mm. Stainless steel Finish.

SKU: CD083-A

$1,599.90 +GST

Polar C-Series Upright Freezer White 365Ltr

600(W)mm. Capacity: 365Ltr.

SKU: CD613-A

$1,299.90 +GST

Polar C-Series Upright Freezer White 600Ltr

780(W)mm. Capacity: 600Ltr.

SKU: CD615-A

$1,599.90 +GST

Polar Cabinet Freezer - 600Ltr

Freezer. 600 Ltr. Tropical

SKU: CK480-A

$2,299.90 +GST

Polar Gastro Freezer 2 Door Upright - 1200L 42.4cu

1340(W)mm. Capacity: 1200Ltr.

SKU: DL896-A

$3,299.90 +GST

Polar Gastro Freezer Single Door Upright - 600Ltr

860(W)mm Capacity: 600Ltr. Tropical

SKU: DL894-A

$2,499.90 +GST

Polar Solid Double Door Freezer White Exterior - 1

1340(W)mm. Capacity: 1200Ltr. Tropical

SKU: DL897-A

$2,899.90 +GST

Skope Centaur 2 Solid Door Upright Vertical Chille

1032Ltr. BC126-2RFOS-E

SKU: GT513

$5,099.90 +GST

Skope Pegasus Double Solid Door Upright Vertical G

1298Ltr. PG1300-VF. Tropical

SKU: GT564

$7,999.90 +GST

Skope Pegasus Single Solid Door Upright Vertical G

586Ltr. PG600VF. Tropical

SKU: GT562

$5,999.90 +GST

True Upright 2 door Freezer St/St - 1388Ltr (Direc

1375(W)mm. Capacity: 1388Ltr

SKU: CC229-A

$7,399.90 +GST

True Upright Freezer St/St - 651Ltr (Direct)

Model: T-23F. 1 Door Freezer

SKU: GH547-A

$4,899.90 +GST

Williams Diamond Star Upright Freezer (Direct)

737(W)mm. Capacity:

SKU: DN573

$4,299.90 +GST

Williams Ruby Upright Freezer (Direct)

1000(W)mm. Capacity: 750Ltr.

SKU: DN576

$5,999.90 +GST

Williams Upright Freezer ; 2 Solid Door - 1100Ltr

1466(W)mm. Colour: White. Capacity: 1100Ltr.

SKU: GC853

$5,599.90 +GST