Plastic Containers

Our Better Selection┬« range consists of a wide range of takeaway containers from 280ml to 1 litre. Made of high quality food grade polypropylene, they are ideal for serving prepared hot meals. The "curved bottom" profile design provides sturdiness and its high clarity enhances food presentation. Coloured container base and lids are available on special request. Custom printing is also available to assist the marketing and promotion of food products.

$4.10 +GST

$4.25 +GST

$79.80 +GST

$8.95 +GST

$88.80 +GST

$12.85 +GST

$96.70 +GST

$5.15 +GST

$51.50 +GST

$6.15 +GST

$61.50 +GST

$32.50 +GST

$6.65 +GST

$66.50 +GST

$82.50 +GST

$6.50 +GST

$55.00 +GST

$8.30 +GST

$6.50 +GST

$61.25 +GST

$91.50 +GST

Buy in lots of 10

Bonson Black Rectangular Container 650ml 50 Pack

Microwaveable Black Rectangular Container 650ml


$7.15 +GST

$139.50 +GST