Meat and Seafood Accessories

A collection of tools for preparing fish and seafood, including fish tweezers, fin shears and lobster crackers from leading brands like Vogue and Dick. These durable items are ideal for restaurants and fish mongers.

Aluminium Meat Tenderiser

Aluminium. 255x 70mm.

SKU: GB592

$9.90 +GST

Cast Aluminium Meat Tenderiser

Cast Aluminium Meat Tenderiser with Wooden Handle

SKU: 03000

$15.27 +GST

Fish Bone Tweezers St/St

High quality stainless steel.

SKU: CF994

$11.90 +GST

$1.45 +GST

$2.15 +GST

$1.55 +GST

Nogent Fish Scaler


SKU: V7-6385

$40.55 +GST

Salmon Tweezers Curved Blade

Removes pin bones from fish.

SKU: D626

$59.90 +GST

Skewer - 254mm 10"

Length: 255mm. Hooked end.

SKU: D676

$3.90 +GST

Skewer - 305mm 12"

Length: 305mm. Hooked end.

SKU: D675

$4.90 +GST

$1.26 +GST

$1.36 +GST

$1.90 +GST

Vogue Meat Hook - 108mm 4 1/4''

Length: 100mm.

SKU: J730

$1.90 +GST

Vogue Standard Oyster Knife

Design features a bolster guard.

SKU: D475

$14.90 +GST