Chinois and Strainers

A variety of conical strainers and fine chinois, perfect for making stocks, purees, sauces and custards. These highly durable and heat resistant utensils come from top brands like Vogue and Matfer.

$26.95 +GST

$28.85 +GST

Conical Strainer Coarse - 180mm dia

180(Ø)mm. 2mm holes.

SKU: GH710

$29.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Coarse - 230mm dia

230(Ø)mm. 2mm holes.

SKU: GH711

$34.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Coarse - 300mm dia

300(Ø)mm. 2mm holes.

SKU: GH712

$39.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Fine - 180mm dia

180(Ø)mm. Fine.

SKU: GH713

$29.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Fine - 200mm dia

200(Ø)mm. Fine.

SKU: GH714

$32.50 +GST

Conical Strainer Fine - 230mm dia

230(Ø)mm. Fine.

SKU: GH715

$34.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Fine - 250mm dia

250(Ø)mm. Fine.

SKU: GH716

$37.50 +GST

Conical Strainer Fine - 300mm dia

300(Ø)mm. Fine.

SKU: GH717

$39.90 +GST

Matfer Chinois Exoglass Handle

203(Ø)mm. Heat resistant exoglass handle.

SKU: W693

$169.90 +GST

$20.75 +GST

$25.05 +GST

$33.65 +GST

Vogue Chinois - 200mm


SKU: E818

$39.90 +GST

Vogue Chinois - 250mm


SKU: E819

$44.90 +GST

Vogue Stainless Steel Coarse Conical Strainers 8&

203(Ø)mm. 2mm holes.

SKU: DM060

$32.50 +GST

Vogue Stainless Steel Coarse Conical Strainers 10&

250(Ø)mm. 2mm holes.

SKU: DM059

$37.50 +GST