Chinois and Strainers

A variety of conical strainers and fine chinois, perfect for making stocks, purees, sauces and custards. These highly durable and heat resistant utensils come from top brands like Vogue and Matfer.

Conical Strainer Coarse - 180mm dia

180(Ø)mm. 2mm holes.

SKU: GH710

$29.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Coarse - 230mm dia

230(Ø)mm. 2mm holes.

SKU: GH711

$33.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Coarse - 300mm dia

300(Ø)mm. 2mm holes.

SKU: GH712

$37.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Fine - 180mm dia

180(Ø)mm. Fine.

SKU: GH713

$29.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Fine - 200mm dia

200(Ø)mm. Fine.

SKU: GH714

$31.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Fine - 230mm dia

230(Ø)mm. Fine.

SKU: GH715

$33.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Fine - 250mm dia

250(Ø)mm. Fine.

SKU: GH716

$35.90 +GST

Conical Strainer Fine - 300mm dia

300(Ø)mm. Fine.

SKU: GH717

$37.90 +GST

Matfer Chinois Exoglass Handle

203(Ø)mm. Heat resistant exoglass handle.

SKU: W693

$169.90 +GST

$20.75 +GST

$25.05 +GST

$26.95 +GST

$28.85 +GST

$33.65 +GST

Vogue Chinois - 200mm


SKU: E818

$46.90 +GST

Vogue Chinois - 250mm


SKU: E819

$52.90 +GST

Vogue Stainless Steel Coarse Conical Strainers 8&

203(Ø)mm. 2mm holes.

SKU: DM060

$31.90 +GST

Vogue Stainless Steel Coarse Conical Strainers 10&

250(Ø)mm. 2mm holes.

SKU: DM059

$35.90 +GST