A wide selection of stainless steel ladles, ideal for portioning and service. These high quality ladles from Vogue are ideal for portion control and service in any kitchen or restaurant.

$3.70 +GST

Ladle 60ml

Stainless Steel. Capacity: 60ml.

SKU: GB874

$2.90 +GST

Ladle 120ml

Stainless Steel. Capacity: 120ml.

SKU: GB876

$3.90 +GST

Ladle 240ml

Stainless Steel. Capacity: 240ml.

SKU: GB878

$4.90 +GST

Vogue Plain Ladle 65ml

Stainless steel. Capacity: 65ml

SKU: L648

$6.90 +GST

Vogue Plain Ladle 122ml

Stainless steel. Capacity: 122ml

SKU: L649

$7.90 +GST

Vogue Plain Ladle 180ml

Stainless steel. Capacity: 180ml

SKU: L650

$8.90 +GST

Vogue Plain Ladle 260ml

Stainless steel. Capacity: 260ml

SKU: L659

$9.90 +GST