Spatulas, Ladles and Spoons

This large variety of kitchen utensils cater for all needs. With everything from high heat resistant spatulas to large capacity ladles for effective portion control to choose from, this section has something for every kitchen.

Popular Products

Grill Scraper with Wood Handle

110(W) x 190(L)mm

SKU: 03017

$4.77 +GST

Wooden Spoon 300mm

300mm Beech Wood

SKU: 03452

$2.55 +GST

$13.65 +GST

Wooden Spoon 450mm

SKU: 3458

$5.80 +GST

Dick Spatula 5 in

Head length: 125mm.

SKU: DL378

$44.90 +GST

Giant Turner

Stainless steel. Length: 155mm.

SKU: GH733

$12.50 +GST

Vogue Heat Resistant Spoonula 16 in

Length: 405mm. Heat and stain resistant and dishwa

SKU: L031

$14.90 +GST

Wok Turner Spatula - Large



$16.25 +GST

Flat Blade Spatular 400mm

High Impact Polystyrene Handle - Resistant to 100&

SKU: TR30158

$3.30 +GST

$16.00 +GST

High Heat Spoon Shaped Spatula-250Mm - Heavy Duty

Heat Resistant to 316'C

SKU: TR30170

$11.16 +GST

$16.56 +GST

Basting Spoon Stainless Steel 275Mm Solid -

Stainless steel. Solid.

SKU: TR34411

$1.35 +GST

Basting Spoon Stainless Steel 325Mm Solid -

Stainless steel. Solid.

SKU: TR34413

$1.53 +GST

Basting Spoon Stainless Steel 375Mm Solid -

Stainless steel. Solid.

SKU: TR34415

$1.71 +GST

$6.30 +GST

$7.92 +GST

Grill Scraper with Wood Handle - 125mm

125(W) x 215(L)mm

SKU: 03015

$6.05 +GST

Slotted Basting Spoon 275mm

Stainless steel. Slotted.

SKU: 03331

$1.95 +GST

Beechwood Wood Paddle

Beechwood Mixing Paddle

SKU: 03436

$12.41 +GST

Wooden Spoon 250mm

250mm Beech Wood

SKU: 03450

$1.91 +GST

Wooden Spoon 350mm

350mm Beech Wood

SKU: 03454

$2.86 +GST

Wooden Spoon 450mm

450mm Hard Wood

SKU: 03458

$5.27 +GST