Scoops and Ice Cream Portioners

Perfect for any number of professional kitchens or for use in the home, our ice cream scoops include a number of items for accurate portion control, and come from top brands like Vogue and Kristallon.

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Vogue Stainless Steel Portioner Size 8 / 8

A top quality stainless steel portioner.

SKU: J09_P

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From $18.50 +GST

Gelato Spade Stainless Steel 120X75Mm - Plastic Ha

Stainless Steel Blade. Bakelite Handle.

SKU: TR31200

$7.20 +GST

$5.40 +GST

Vogue Ice Cream Scoop Size 16

16 portions per litre.

SKU: J089

$9.90 +GST

Vogue Polycarbonate Scoop 900ml

Capacity: 900ml

SKU: K938

$12.50 +GST