Peelers, Zesters and Garnishing

Add a beautiful finishing touch to your dishes with our premium quality peelers, zesters and garnishing tools. This section includes everything you need to carve, slice and present a wide range of fruit and vegetables.

Victorinox Universal Peeler - Green


SKU: V7-6075-4

$11.15 +GST

Victorinox Red Swiss Potato Peeler

Angled Peeler Head

SKU: V7-6073

$7.95 +GST

Victorinox Speed Peeler - Rex


SKU: V7-6070

$6.25 +GST

Apple Corer

Colour: Black. Length: 203mm.

SKU: CF920

$5.90 +GST

Canele Cutter

Strong stainless steel blade and polypropylene han

SKU: CF922

$5.90 +GST

$24.17 +GST

Lemon Zester Side

Tough stainless steel blade and polypropylene hand

SKU: CF927

$5.90 +GST

Lemon Zester with Canele

Strong stainless steel head and polypropylene hand

SKU: CF928

$5.90 +GST

Victorinox Lemon Decorator


SKU: V5-3403

$17.15 +GST

Victorinox Lemon Zester


SKU: V5.3503

$12.55 +GST

$9.95 +GST

Vogue Garnishing Set/Case - 80 Piece

Presented in wooden case.

SKU: D614

$109.90 +GST