Mandolins, Slicers, Peelers & Graters

Everything you need for slicing, chipping and dicing, these mandolines, graters and vegetable cutters will greatly speed up the preparation of vegetables in your kitchen. Featuring brands such as Vogue, Tellier and De Buyer.

Victorinox Speed Peeler - Rex


SKU: V7-6070

$6.25 +GST

$24.17 +GST

Japanese Turning Vegetable Slicer

Supplied with four stainless steel blades.

SKU: D446

$59.90 +GST

Apple Corer

Colour: Black. Length: 203mm.

SKU: CF920

$4.90 +GST

$79.90 +GST

$79.90 +GST

$79.90 +GST

$79.90 +GST

$79.90 +GST

$79.90 +GST

$79.90 +GST

$79.90 +GST

$79.90 +GST

Apuro Meat Slicer - 220mm

Power: 120W. 220mm Blade.

SKU: CD277-A

$524.90 +GST

Apuro Meat Slicer - 250mm - AUS PLUG

120W. 250mm Blade.

SKU: CD278-A

$599.90 +GST

Apuro Meat Slicer - 300mm - AUS PLUG

180W. 300mm Blade.

SKU: CD279-A

$849.90 +GST

Avanti Essentials Cheese Grater


SKU: SH16101

$22.35 +GST

Birko 250mm Slicer

250mm Blade.

SKU: DL769

$639.90 +GST

Birko Slicer - 300mm

300mm Blade.

SKU: DL770

$959.90 +GST

Canele Cutter

Strong stainless steel blade and polypropylene han

SKU: CF922

$4.90 +GST