Featuring high quality items from leading brands like Vogue, Dick and Victorinox, our scissors and poultry shears can be used in any number of kitchens, and are as durable as they are useful.

Vogue Scissors - 8"

Length: 203mm. With plastic handles.

SKU: D629

$4.90 +GST

3 Blade Herb Shears


SKU: SH04-76013

$25.45 +GST

Classic Take Apart Kitchen Shears

210mm Length

SKU: SH20880

$39.95 +GST

Dick Kitchen Scissors - 20cm 8"

Length: 203mm. Includes integral bottle opener.

SKU: GD789

$44.90 +GST

Ivo Poultry Shears - 260mm


SKU: 03980

$24.05 +GST

$20.00 +GST

Victorinox Poultry Shears


SKU: V7-6345

$70.45 +GST

Victorinox Scissors - Red


SKU: V7-6363

$24.25 +GST

Victorinox Scissors with Black Nylon Handles

Length: 203mm. Integral bottle opener.

SKU: L366

$39.90 +GST

Vogue Poultry Secateurs

With concealed spring loaded handle.

SKU: D632

$27.90 +GST

Vogue Serrated Scissors - 7"

Length: 180mm. Serrated edges.

SKU: D628

$6.90 +GST