Global Knives

Revered the world over by countless professional chefs, Global Knives feature razor sharp stainless steel blades and a choice between fully-forged and weighted hollow handles.

$159.00 +GST

$179.00 +GST

Global 18cm Vegetable Knife


SKU: GLB79519

$179.00 +GST

$199.00 +GST

Global 21cm Carving Knife


SKU: GLB79524

$159.00 +GST

Global 3 Piece Knife Set


SKU: GLB79609

$319.00 +GST

Global Boning Knife St/St - 16cm

6 Flexible Blade

SKU: C273

$109.90 +GST

$179.90 +GST

$109.90 +GST

Global Fishbone Tweezers - 12cm

4.5 long GS-20

SKU: C315

$27.50 +GST

$109.90 +GST

$109.90 +GST

Global Paring Knife Curved - 6cm

2.5" Blade GSF-17

SKU: C313

$44.90 +GST

Global Peeling Knife - 8cm

3 Blade GSF-15

SKU: C289

$39.90 +GST

Global Peeling Knife 8cm


SKU: SH79500

$69.95 +GST

Global Utility Knife - 11cm

4.5" Blade

SKU: C813

$54.90 +GST

$109.90 +GST