An extensive range of professional kitchen knives from Victorinox, Dick, Tsuki and Hygiplas, including a vast variety of cooks, paring, fillet and boning knives to name but a few. This large selection of kitchen and catering knives includes specialist knife sets, colour coded knives for hygiene purposes and knife sharpeners to keep your knives razor sharp at all times. We also stock magnetic knife racks for easy storage, as well as knife blocks and wallets and cases for safe and easy manoeuvring.


Hygiplas Colour Coded Cutting Boards & Knife K

Kit includes: 6 x Cutting boards, 6 x Knives &

SKU: S122

$134.90 $99.00

$26.95 +GST

Victorinox Chefs Knife 28cm Fibrox Black

25cm Chef Knife with Fibrox Handle

SKU: V5-2003-28

$56.23 +GST

$134.90 +GST

Hygiplas Colour Coded Knife Set & Wallet

6 Piece Set Supplied in a Nylon Wallet.

SKU: S088

$79.90 +GST

Hygiplas Cooks Knife Blue - 8.5"

8.5 Blade Blue Handle - Raw fish

SKU: C851

$19.90 +GST

Hygiplas Cooks Knife Green - 10"

10 Blade Green Handle - Salads and fruit

SKU: C868

$21.90 +GST

Hygiplas Fillet Knife Blue - 6"

6 Blade Blue Handle - Raw fish

SKU: C853

$19.90 +GST

Victorinox 10cm Red Handle Pointed Blade Paring Kn

10cm Pointed Blade with Nylon handle

SKU: V5-0701

$10.86 +GST

Victorinox Boning Knife Fluted 15cm Fibrox Black

15cm Fluted Boning Knife with Fibrox Handle

SKU: V5-6523-15

$47.23 +GST

Victorinox Broad Blade Chef Knife 20cm Fibrox Blac

Finest quality Swiss professional cooks knife

SKU: V5-2063-20

$49.50 +GST

Victorinox Pastry Knife 26cm Fibrox Black Handle

26cm Pastry Knife with Fibrox Handle

SKU: V5-2933-26

$52.00 +GST

Victorinox Serrated Bread Knife 21cm Nylon Handle

21cm Bread Knife with Nylon Handle

SKU: V5-1633-21

$35.90 +GST

Victorinox Sharpening Steel - 12" Round

12" Round Steel

SKU: V7-8513

$51.77 +GST

Victorinox TAFE Tools and Knife Set with 28cm Cook

Apprentice Knife & Tool Kit

SKU: 993KnifeSet

$316.95 +GST

Vogue Dual Grit Whetstone (Coarse/Fine)

Coarse and fine surfaces

SKU: GD036

$29.90 +GST

Vogue Sharpening Stone

8x2x1. With coarse and fine sides for optimum resu

SKU: D139

$14.90 +GST

Vogue Steel Plastic Handle - 25.4cm 10"

10 traditional sharpening steel

SKU: D120

$29.90 +GST

Deglon Sabatier Boner Riveted St/St - 6"

Blade Length: 6. Weight: 120g

SKU: C015

Price On Application

$36.27 +GST

Deglon Sabatier Bread Knife - 7 1/2"

Blade Length: 7.5. Weight: 110g

SKU: C844

Price On Application

$36.27 +GST

Deglon Sabatier Carving Knife - 9"

Blade Length: 9. Weight: 130g

SKU: C843

Price On Application

$68.09 +GST