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Cutting Board PE, 300X450X13mm

300(W) x 450(L) x 13(H)mm

SKU: TR48020-300x450

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Hygiplas Cooks Knife Red - 10"

10 Blade Red handle - Raw meat

SKU: C886

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Vogue Dual Grit Whetstone (Coarse/Fine)

Coarse and fine surfaces

SKU: GD036

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Cutting Board PE, 380X510X13mm

380(W) x 510(L) x 13(H)mm

SKU: TR48021-380x510

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Hygiplas Colour Coded Cutting Boards & Knife K

Kit includes: 6 x Cutting boards, 6 x Knives &

SKU: S122

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Hygiplas Heavy Duty Chopping Board Rack St/St

Stainless steel. Featuring six slots.

SKU: J027

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Victorinox Serrated Bread Knife 21cm Nylon Handle

21cm Bread Knife with Nylon Handle

SKU: V5-1633-21

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Vogue Steel Plastic Handle - 25.4cm 10"

10 traditional sharpening steel

SKU: D120

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Dick Pro Dynamic 5cm Peeling / Turning Knife

5cm / 2" Blade

SKU: FD-82605-05-0

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Giesser Santoku Scallop 18cm


SKU: KG218269WWL-18

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Hygiplas Colour Coded Wall Chart for Australia

Compliant with all hygiene regulations.

SKU: DL840

$4.90 +GST

Hygiplas Cooks Knife Black - 10"

10 Blade Black Nylon Handle

SKU: C264

$21.90 +GST

Hygiplas Low Density Chopping Boards - 18x12x1/2&q

12(H)x 455(W)x 305(L)mm. Low density. Six boards,

SKU: J258

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Paring Knife 10cm Pointed Blade Black Handle

10cm Pointed Blade with Nylon handle

SKU: V5-0703

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Victorinox Broad Blade Chef Knife 20cm Fibrox Blac

Finest quality Swiss professional cooks knife

SKU: V5-2063-20

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Victorinox Narrow Blade Flexible Filleting Knife 2

20cm Fillet Knife with Fibrox Handle

SKU: V5-3763-20

$54.50 +GST

Victorinox Pastry Knife 26cm Fibrox Black Handle

26cm Pastry Knife with Fibrox Handle

SKU: V5-2933-26

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