Food Preparation

A large selection of food preparation utensils, with everything from potato mashers to salt shakers and a pestle and mortar, as well as meat and fish accessories, all designed to speed up operations in your kitchen

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Apuro Vacuum Packing Machine

110W. Max bag size: 300mm

SKU: CD204-A

$154.90 +GST

Apuro Meat Slicer 250mm

120W. 250mm Blade.

SKU: CD278-A

$599.90 +GST

$32.50 +GST

Robot Coupe Power Mixer Blender MP 450 ULTRA

Shaft: 450mm. Power: 500W

SKU: DL861

$1,149.90 +GST

Vogue Vacuum Pack Bags 150 x 350mm

150mm x 350mm. Pack quantity: 50

SKU: DM880

$12.50 +GST

Vogue Vacuum Pack Bags 300 x 400mm

300mm x 400mm. Pack quantity: 50

SKU: DM883

$27.50 +GST

Robot Coupe Blixer 2

Blender/Mixer. Capacity: 2.9 Ltr.

SKU: DN577

$2,049.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Automatic Juicer J80 Ultra

6.5 Ltr Pulp Container. 700W

SKU: DN582

$1,999.90 +GST

Vogue Vacuum Pack Roll with Cutter Box MBCB301500

Embossed. 300mm x 15m Vacuum Pack Roll in Dispense

SKU: GF428

$29.90 +GST

Apuro Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Dimensions: 378(H)x 359(W)x 429(D)mm. Capacity: 6L

SKU: GF439-A

$999.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Automatic Centrifugal Juicer J100 Ultr

1000W Motor. Output: 100kgs per hour

SKU: GG677

$2,699.90 +GST

Vogue Heavy Duty Potato Ricer

Can be used with raw or cooked potatoes or other v

SKU: J487

$64.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Veg Prep Machine CL50

Single Phase

SKU: J491

$1,899.90 +GST

Vogue Potato Masher

Head size: 127(W)x 100(L)mm.

SKU: J740

$23.50 +GST

Vogue Round Potato Masher

Head size: 125(Ø)mm. Round base.

SKU: J741

$23.50 +GST

Nogent Fish Scaler


SKU: V7.6385

$40.55 +GST

Potato Masher 300mm

Chef Inox Potato Masher

SKU: 02240

$6.05 +GST

Potato Masher 450mm

Chef Inox Potato Masher

SKU: 02241

$9.50 +GST

Potato Masher 550mm

Chef Inox Potato Masher

SKU: 02242

$11.14 +GST