Woks and Steamers

Bamboo steamers and woks, whatever your Oriental cookware needs, this high quality collection of items has something for you.

Chef Inox Iron Wok - 400mm


SKU: 05216

$16.05 +GST

Chef Inox Iron Wok - 450mm


SKU: 05218

$26.45 +GST

$16.67 +GST

$21.67 +GST

Round Base Wok with Wood Handle - 30cm

Size: 300(Ø)mm. Material: Steel

SKU: GH693

$20.90 +GST

Round Base Wok with Wood Handle - 35cm

Size: 350(Ø)mm. Material: Steel

SKU: GH694

$24.90 +GST

Round Base Wok with Wood Handle - 40cm

Size: 400(Ø)mm. Material: Steel

SKU: GH695

$28.90 +GST

Vogue Bamboo Steamer - 150mm 6" (Set 2)

Size: 152(Ø)mm. Material: Bamboo

SKU: K302

$17.90 +GST

Vogue Bamboo Steamer - 200mm 8" (Set 2)

Size: 203(Ø)mm. Material: Bamboo

SKU: K303

$24.90 +GST

Wok Brush-450Mm -

450mm Ladle

SKU: TR51555

$7.56 +GST

$16.36 +GST

Wok Round Bottom-Iron, 430Mm -


SKU: TR20517

$22.32 +GST

Wok Round Bottom-Iron, 450Mm -


SKU: TR20518

$25.20 +GST

$28.47 +GST

Wok Round Bottom-Iron, 500Mm -


SKU: TR20520

$32.40 +GST

Wok Round Bottom-Iron, 550Mm -


SKU: TR20522

$39.24 +GST

$44.18 +GST

Wok Round Bottom-Iron, 650Mm -

Round Base. 550mm No Handle

SKU: TR20526

$64.80 +GST

$11.70 +GST

$14.40 +GST

$16.20 +GST