A large selection of cookware essentials for professional kitchens, including aluminium and stainless steel pots and pans, non-stick frying pans and cast iron cookware. Also features pizza equipment, colanders, baking trays and much more.

Pastry - Baking - Cookware

De Buyer Blue Steel Frypan 260mm

"La Lyonnaise"

SKU: 03826

$20.59 +GST

Elite Stockpot-18/10 21.50L

Size: 320(Ø)mm. Material: Stainless Steel.

SKU: 70420

$163.65 +GST

Elite Stockpot-18/10 36.5Lt 360X360mm With Lid

360 (H) x 360(D) mm

SKU: 70432

$245.00 +GST

$49.95 +GST

$59.20 +GST

$81.40 +GST

Imperia Pasta Machine

Supplied with 2mm and 6.5mm cutters.

SKU: J408

$99.90 +GST

Lunch Pie Tray

7 rows of 3

SKU: PTF406-10

$144.00 +GST

Paella Pan-Enamelled, 200Mm - Pujadas

200mm Diameter

SKU: TRP995-020

$12.60 +GST

PolyScience Smoking Gun

PolyScience Food Smoking Gun

SKU: CS138

$149.90 +GST

Proofing Baskets Plastic

Food Grade Proofing Baskets (HACCP)


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From $39.95 +GST

Pyrolux Blue Steel 1.5mm Gauge 28cm Fry Pan

1.5mm Gauge 28cm Fry Pan

SKU: SH11055

$26.95 +GST

Pyrolux Blue Steel 1.5mm Gauge 30cm Fry Pan

1.5mm Gauge 30cm Fry Pan

SKU: SH11056

$32.70 +GST