Oven Gloves & Cloths

Keep your hands protected in the kitchen with a selection of freezer and oven gloves, disposable gloves and tea towels, made from different types of materials to keep your skin free from burns and cuts.

Oven Tray Holder

Three Layered Insulated Oven Tray

SKU: SM-027

$24.95 +GST

$8.90 +GST

Butchers Stripe Chef Towel

Navy and White stripe. Size: 18 x 28

SKU: CE146

$4.90 +GST

Chef Tea Towel Blue

Blue pattern. Size: 26x26

SKU: E578

$4.90 +GST

Chef Tea Towel Red

Red pattern. Size: 26 x 26

SKU: E579

$4.45 +GST

Cloths White Honeycomb Weave - 762x508 mm (Pack 10

White. Size: 30 x 20. Quantity: 10

SKU: CC598

Price On Application

$22.64 +GST

Double Pocket Oven Mit 735mm

Four Layer Padding. 735(l)mm.

SKU: SM-023

$34.15 +GST

Double Pocket Oven Mit 915mm

Four Layer Padding. 915(l)mm.

SKU: SM-028

$34.15 +GST

$10.90 +GST

$10.90 +GST

Freezer Glove (Pair)

Pair. Colour: Orange/Blue. One size

SKU: CA975

$14.90 +GST

Glass Cloth Linen Union Blue Border - 76x51cm

White with Blue Border. Size: 30 x 20

SKU: E911

$4.90 +GST

Glass Cloth Linen Union Green Border - 76x51cm

Green Border. 760 x 510mm

SKU: E912

$4.90 +GST

Glass Cloth Linen Union Red Border - 76x51cm

White with Red Border. Size: 30 x 20

SKU: E910

$4.90 +GST

Heat Resistant Glove One Size (Single)

One size. Sold Singly

SKU: CE164

$22.50 +GST

Heavy Tea Towel (Blue)

Blue. Size: 30 x 20

SKU: E918

$3.90 +GST

Heavy Tea Towel (Red)

Red. Size: 30 x 20

SKU: E915

$3.90 +GST

Hotel Oven Cloth - 900x800mm 35x31 1/2"

Red border. Size: 34 x 32

SKU: E933

$8.09 +GST

Matfer Baker Glove with cuff Leather - Length 20cm

200(l)mm. Sold in Pairs.

SKU: HE773012

$48.90 +GST

Matfer Baker Mitts - Length 20cm

200(l)mm. Sold in Pairs.

SKU: W735

$48.90 +GST

Oates Elbow Length Oven Glove (Single)

Elbow Length. Sold Singly

SKU: CP784

$36.27 +GST

Oven Cloth Heavy Duty - 1030x500mm 40.5x20"

Beige. Size: 20 x 40.5

SKU: E929

$5.90 +GST

Phoenix Pyrotex Oven Gloves Tan

Colour: Tan. Sold in Pairs.

SKU: E945

$27.78 +GST

Single Elbow Length Gloves

Sold Each.

SKU: SM-025

$48.95 +GST