Decorating Accessories

Muslin Cloth Roll - 99cm x 10m 39x400"

Size: 39(W) x 10(L)m

SKU: DM056

$54.90 +GST

Cake Cooling Rack GN1/2 Size, 200 x 250mm

Chrome Plated

SKU: TR51608

$3.24 +GST

Green Disposable Piping Bags

Roll of 100

SKU: HE165007

$67.70 +GST

Sugar Blow Torch - Twist Top


SKU: HE262268

$86.15 +GST

Schneider Green Disposable Pastry Bag - 470x230mm

470(H) x 230(W) x 70(D)mm. Material: Polyethylene

SKU: GT123

$24.90 +GST

Star Nozzle 7mm

Size: 7(Ø)mm

SKU: DL505

$2.50 +GST

Thermohauser Export Pastry Bag 600mm

600mm Long Pastry Bag

SKU: 01799

$19.09 +GST

12 Piece Aspic Cutter Set - 30mm

Tin Plated. Set of 12. 30mm

SKU: 01948

$6.86 +GST

$4.00 +GST

$107.75 +GST

AntiSlip Disposable Piping Bag - 460mm (Box 100)

Clear. Dimensions: 460 x 510mm. Pack quantity: 100

SKU: CD417

$39.90 +GST

Boxed Roll Disposable Piping Bags Clear 30cm

30cm Disposable Piping Bags Loyal


$19.60 +GST

Cake Cooling Rack GN1/1 Size, 450 X 250mm

Chrome Plated

SKU: TR51610

$4.86 +GST

Cake Cooling Rack-1/3 GN Size, 125 X 260mm

Chrome Plated

SKU: TR51606

$2.88 +GST

Cake Cups - 75mm 3" (Pack 1000)

Size: 20(H) x 45(Ø)mm across top. Pack quantity: 1

SKU: CE995

$34.90 +GST

Ceramic Baking Beans - 500g Tub

Capacity: 500g. Material: Ceramic

SKU: GL251

$12.50 +GST

$5.09 +GST