Mousse Rings

Serve all your dishes with impeccable presentation by simply using a mousse ring. Our stainless steel rings come in a range of sizes that will cover a wealth of courses and ingredients.

Vogue Mousse Square - 60x60x35mm deep

Size: 1.4(H) x 2.3(W) x 2.3(D)

SKU: CF164

$7.50 +GST

Vogue Mousse Ring St/St - 70x60mm

Size: 2.3(H) x 3(Ø)

SKU: CC056

$7.90 +GST

Vogue Mousse Ring St/St - 90x35mm

Size: 1.4(H) x 3.5(Ø)

SKU: CC057

$8.50 +GST

Vogue Mousse Ring St/St - 90x60mm

Size: 2.3(H) x 3.5(Ø)

SKU: CC058

$8.90 +GST

Vogue Mousse Square - 60x60x60mm deep

Size: 2.3(H) x 2.3(W) x 2.3(D)

SKU: CF165

$7.90 +GST

Vogue Mousse Square - 80x80x35mm deep

Size: 1.4(H) x 3(W) x 3(D)

SKU: CF166

$8.50 +GST

Vogue Mousse Square - 80x80x60mm deep

Size: 2.3(H) x 3(W) x 3(D)

SKU: CF167

$8.90 +GST

Matfer Mousse Ring St/St - 8"

Size: 2.3(H) x 8(Ø)

SKU: E887

$29.90 +GST

Vogue Mousse Ring St/St - 70x35mm 2 3/4x1 3/8"

Size: 1.4(H) x 3(Ø)

SKU: E891

$7.50 +GST