Baking Trays & Pans

Baking tins and baking trays for roasting and baking a huge range of foods from meat, potatoes and vegetables to puddings and fruit. An essential piece of equipment for any catering environment.

Stainless Steel Cooling Wires CW816SS

For TR style Production Racks


$45.00 +GST

Vogue Small Cake Cooling Tray - 17x10"

Size: 17(L) x 10(W) ; 432(L) x 254(W)mm

SKU: J810

$9.90 +GST

Bourgeat Baking Sheet Black Iron - 21x13"

Size: 530(L) x 325(W)mm. Material: Blue Steel

SKU: K448

$35.90 +GST

Vogue St/St Grill GN - 1/1

Size: 330(W) x 530(L)mm ; GN 1/1. Material: Stainl

SKU: M929

$27.50 +GST

Cake Cooling Rack GN1/2 Size, 200 x 250mm

Chrome Plated

SKU: TR51608

$3.24 +GST

Cake Cooling Rack GN1/1 Size, 450 X 250mm

Chrome Plated

SKU: TR51610

$4.86 +GST

Steel Baking Sheet - 600 x 400mm


SKU: HE310103

$39.05 +GST

Vogue Large Cake Cooling Tray - 25x16"

Size: 25(L) x 16(W) ; 635(L) x 406(W)mm

SKU: J811

$27.50 +GST

Bourgeat Black Iron Patisserie Tray - 23 1/2x15 3/

Size: 600(L) x 400(W)mm. Material: Blue Steel

SKU: J862

$43.90 +GST

$39.15 +GST

$15.55 +GST

Cake Cooling Rack-1/3 GN Size, 125 X 260mm

Chrome Plated

SKU: TR51606

$2.88 +GST