Drain Plate-Pc, Clear, 1/1 Size -

Clear Polycarbonate

SKU: TR852110

$13.68 +GST

Aluminium Pizza Plate - 300mm


SKU: 06212

$5.75 +GST

Butchers Stripe Chef Towel

Navy and White stripe. Size: 18 x 28

SKU: CE146

$6.90 +GST

Tellfresh Storer - Oblong - 1.80Ltr

Clear Plastic Storage Container

SKU: DEC002260

$5.95 +GST

Food Pan-Polycarbonate, Black, 1/1 Size 65mm

Black. 65mm deep. Capacity: 8.5 litre.

SKU: TR850102

$18.72 +GST

Vitorinox 8cm Red Handle Pointed Blade Paring Knif

8cm Pointed Blade with Nylon handle

SKU: V5-0601

$5.45 +GST

Chef Inox Tong-Utility S/S 250Mm

Heavy Duty Tongs For Everyday Use

SKU: 36060

$5.60 +GST

Potato Masher 450mm

Chef Inox Potato Masher

SKU: 02241

$8.27 +GST

$10.55 +GST

Tellfresh Storer - Oblong - 1.0Ltr

Clear Plastic Storage Container

SKU: DEC002460

$5.65 +GST

Tellfresh Storer - Oblong - 500ml

Clear Plastic Storage Container

SKU: DEC002760

$3.55 +GST

Decor Sauce Squeeze Bottle - 1.0L

Clear Sauce Bottle

SKU: DEC043806

$5.65 +GST

$30.15 +GST

Tellfresh Storer - Oblong - 900ml

Clear Plastic Storage Container

SKU: DEC002560

$5.65 +GST

Tellfresh Storer - Tall Oblong - 3.0Ltr

Clear Plastic Storage Container

SKU: DEC003760

$9.65 +GST

5 Row Stiff Wire Brush - Wood Handle

Hard wearing steel wire bristles

SKU: B-14023

$9.75 +GST

Cover-Pc, Solid, Clear, 1/3 Size -

Clear Polycarbonate

SKU: TR852300

$5.76 +GST

Milk Frothing Thermometer-28Mm Dial - Cater-Chef

Temp range: 0°c - 100°c

SKU: TR30745

$6.48 +GST

PVC Handle Stainless Steel Tongs - 230mm

Available in Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Brown, an

SKU: 3607-230mm

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From $6.60 +GST

Digital Thermometer-Waterproof - Cater-Chef (-50&

Probe Protector Included

SKU: TR30810

$21.96 +GST

Hygiplas Cooks Knife Red - 10"

10 Blade Red handle - Raw meat

SKU: C886

$21.90 +GST

$4.10 +GST

Star Nozzle 15mm

Size: 15(Ø)mm

SKU: DL509

$1.90 +GST