Our range of kitchenware and storage products covers a huge variety of catering equipment, from premium quality chef’s knives, to utensils for a large range of tasks and types of cooking. Our collection covers everything from oven gloves for protection to cookware that encourages even baking for impeccable results every time. Our pastry selection is ideal for commercial bakers and patisserie chefs and features premium quality professional products including gastronorm oven grids and intricate decorating nozzles.

With cookware and utensils to suit the needs of every large professional catering establishment, as well as smaller kitchens, chefs and cooks can choose from world renowned knife brands such as Sabatier, Dick and Global knives, as well as specialist knives such as oriental and cheese knives. Our range of utensils is second to none and most spoons, spatulas and whisks are available in various sizes. Practical and reliable disposable gloves and oven gloves protect from burns, using advanced technology such as impenetrable Kevlar, and our pots and pans are available in copper, stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron, offering a variety of cooking finishes.

Chef Inox Dough Docker - 130mm


SKU: 01400

$32.75 +GST

Thermohauser Export Pastry Bag 250mm

250mm Long Pastry Bag

SKU: 01790

$10.90 +GST

Thermohauser Export Pastry Bag 310mm

310mm Long Pastry Bag

SKU: 01791

$12.00 +GST

Thermohauser Export Pastry Bag 400mm

400mm Long Pastry Bag

SKU: 01794

$13.50 +GST

Thermohauser Export Pastry Bag 460mm

460mm Long Pastry Bag

SKU: 01796

$14.50 +GST

Thermohauser Export Pastry Bag 600mm

600mm Long Pastry Bag

SKU: 01799

$19.09 +GST

$25.45 +GST

Grill Scraper with Wood Handle

110(W) x 190(L)mm

SKU: 03017

$4.77 +GST

Wooden Spoon 300mm

300mm Beech Wood

SKU: 03452

$2.55 +GST

Wooden Spoon 350mm

350mm Beech Wood

SKU: 03454

$2.86 +GST

De Buyer Blue Steel Frypan 260mm

"La Lyonnaise"

SKU: 03826

$20.59 +GST

Ivo Poultry Shears - 260mm


SKU: 03980

$24.05 +GST

Black Magnetic Rack - 330mm


SKU: 05172

$14.45 +GST

Lid For 5808 Insert

Stainless Steel Lid

SKU: 05818

$9.55 +GST

$6.65 +GST

Chef Inox 4 Sided Hand Grater

Produces a variety of shreds.

SKU: 07344

$6.27 +GST

$14.95 +GST

$6.45 +GST

$6.65 +GST

$10.45 +GST