In Room Supplies

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Apuro Hotel Room Kettle Plastic - 1Ltr

Capacity: 1Ltr

SKU: CK827-A

$23.90 +GST

Apuro Stainless Steel Kettle - 1.7Ltr

Capacity: 1.7Ltr

SKU: CK828-A

$34.90 +GST

Door Hanger Do Not Disturb Sign



$5.25 +GST

Dustpan & Bannister Brush Set

Available in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

SKU: B-10207

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$46.90 +GST

Lobby Dust Pan & Broom

Polypropylene Cosnstruction.

SKU: CD059

$42.90 +GST

$30.77 +GST

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$203.65 +GST

Shower Mat with Suckers - 530x530mm

Material: Rubber. 530(W) x 530(L)mm

SKU: GT857

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$10.82 +GST