Hotel Room Furniture

A range of quality hotel furniture products to help you run a fast-paced, customer-facing environment like a hotel reception, including call bells and bedroom safes that allow customers to protect their valuables.

Apuro Hotel Room Kettle Plastic - 1Ltr

Capacity: 1Ltr

SKU: CK827-A

$23.90 +GST

Apuro Stainless Steel Kettle - 1.7Ltr

Capacity: 1.7Ltr

SKU: CK828-A

$34.90 +GST

Bolero Standard Hotel Room Safe (Black)

Colour: Black. 200(h)x 310(w)x 200(d)mm

SKU: GC608

$99.90 +GST

Polar C-Series Hotel Room Fridge

400(W)mm. Capacity: 30 Ltr.

SKU: CE322-A

$349.90 +GST

Rubbermaid Wastebasket 26.6Ltr

Capacity: 26.6Ltr.

SKU: DN747

$14.90 +GST