Conference Chairs

Stylish conference chairs and chair cover from Bolero, boasting elegant, understated style and robust designs so that you can get your important function and conferences just right.

Popular Products

Bolero Foldaway Utility Chairs White (Pack of 2)

Colour: White. Height: 810mm

SKU: CE692

$59.90 +GST

Bolero Banquet Chairs (Pack of 4)

Colour: Black. Height: 900mm

SKU: CE142

$199.90 +GST

Bolero Foldaway Utility Chairs Black (Pack of 2)

Colour: Black. Height: 810mm

SKU: CE693

$59.90 +GST

Bolero Banquet Chair Cover Black

Colour: Plain Black. Material: 100% Polyester

SKU: DP923

$10.89 +GST