Insulated Food Carriers

This gastronorm 1/1 sized prepped food transport and storage system conforms to HACCP standards.It will keep food to temperature for longer with a range of 40 to 120 degrees centigrade.

Thermo Future Box Eco 167mm

GN 1/1 (167mm). Capacity: 30 litres.

SKU: DL986

$99.90 +GST

Thermo Future Box Eco 217mm

GN 1/1 (217mm). Capacity: 39 litres.

SKU: DL987

$109.90 +GST

Thermo Future Box Cooling Plate

For GN 1/1. Use with Cooling Top (DL989).

SKU: DL938

$109.90 +GST

Thermo Future Box Eco 117mm

GN 1/1 (117mm). Capacity: 21 litres.

SKU: DL985

$89.90 +GST

Thermo Future Box Eco 257mm

GN 1/1 (257mm). Capacity: 46 litres.

SKU: DL988

$107.90 +GST

Thermo Future Box ECO Cooling Top

For GN 1/1 thermoboxes.

SKU: DL989

$54.90 +GST

Thermo Future Hot Plate

GN 1/1 for Thermobox.

SKU: GF277

$154.90 +GST

Thermo Future Flat Pack Deluxe Eco

Colour: Black / Grey. Capacity: 38Ltr.

SKU: GF293

$119.90 +GST