Ingredient Bins

These easy to move, polypropylene ingredient bins, feature clear sliding lids for easy access and identification. Ideal for use in all commercial kitchens from restaurants to cafes.

Araven Accessible Container 1/1GN

GN 1/1. Capacity: 22Ltr.

SKU: CG041

$74.90 +GST

Araven Accessible Container 2/3GN

GN 2/3. Capacity: 16Ltr.

SKU: CG042

$54.90 +GST

Araven Accessible Container 1/3GN

GN 1/3. Capacity: 7Ltr.

SKU: CG043

$29.90 +GST

Vogue Ingredient Bin with Scoop 81Ltr

Colour: White. Capacity: 81 litre.

SKU: GD026

$174.90 +GST

Vogue Ingredient Bin with Scoop 102Ltr

Colour: White. Capacity: 102 litre.

SKU: GD027

$249.90 +GST

Vogue Ingredient Bin 7.5Ltr

Capacity: 7.5Ltr

SKU: GJ497

$29.90 +GST

Vogue Ingredient Bin 18.5Ltr

Capacity: 18.5Ltr

SKU: GJ498

$65.89 +GST

Vogue Ingredient Bin 38Ltr

Capacity: 38Ltr

SKU: GJ499

$99.90 +GST

Araven Koala Dispenser & Ingredients Bin

Capacity: 14Ltr. 480 x 230 x 227mm.

SKU: J225

$49.90 +GST

Rubbermaid Mobile Ingredient Bin

Capacity: 79Ltr. 711(H)x 740(W)x 333(D)mm.

SKU: L565

$499.90 +GST