Food Storage

Food storage containers and kitchen storage solutions, including Gastronorm containers, air tight containers, ingredient bins, preserve jars and insulated food storage for transporting hot or cold food.

Glass Bottle-Square, 1.0Lt - Clear

Airtight swing top seal. 1L

SKU: TR68501

$3.20 +GST

Lid for MP15, MP10, MP7

Lid for MP15, MP10, MP7


$15.65 +GST

$30.55 +GST

$16.30 +GST

$10.55 +GST

Cover Stainless Steel 1/6 Size -

Stainless Steel

SKU: TR8716000

$4.25 +GST

$5.60 +GST

$25.45 +GST

$7.30 +GST

Food Pan-Polycarbonate, Black, 1/1 Size 65mm

Black. 65mm deep. Capacity: 8.5 litre.

SKU: TR850102

$18.72 +GST

Polycarbonate Square Storage Container - 5.5Ltr

Capacity: 5.5Ltr. Colour: Clear.

SKU: CF022

$19.90 +GST

Square Green Lid to fit - 5.5/7Ltr

Lid to fit 5.5-7L square containers. Colour: Gree

SKU: CF047

$4.50 +GST

$4.95 +GST

$3.00 +GST

$19.05 +GST

Cover Stainless Steel 1/3 Size -

Stainless Steel

SKU: TR8713000

$7.50 +GST

$44.75 +GST

$14.95 +GST

Tellfresh Storer - Oblong - 1.80Ltr

Clear Plastic Storage Container

SKU: DEC002260

$5.95 +GST

Cover-Pc, Solid, Clear, 1/6 Size -

Clear Polycarbonate

SKU: TR852600

$3.78 +GST

Kilner Swing Top Preserve Bottle 70ml

Airtight swing top seal. 70ml

SKU: GG788

$6.50 +GST

$30.15 +GST

Polycarbonate Square Storage Container - 1.5Ltr

Capacity: 1.5Ltr. Colour: Clear.

SKU: CF020

$12.50 +GST

Polycarbonate Square Storage Container - 15Ltr

Capacity: 15Ltr. Colour: Clear.

SKU: CF025

$39.90 +GST