Essential in many kitchens, the commercial mixer is ideal for preparing pastries, cakes and bread. From leading brands such as KitchenAid and Birko, the range is certain to contain a machine suitable for most businesses.

10 Quart Mixer with Timer - PMA1010

5 Fixed Speeds

SKU: PMA1010

$1,190.00 +GST

20 Quart Mixer with Timer - PMA1020

3 Fixed Speeds

SKU: PMA1020

$2,800.00 +GST

Apuro Planetary Mixer - 20Ltr

20 Litre Planetary Mixer 500W Stainless Steel Bowl

SKU: GL191-A

$1,499.90 +GST

Apuro Planetary Mixer - 29Ltr

Dimensions: 1030(H)x 540(W)x 570(D)mm. Capacity: 3

SKU: GJ461-A

$2,899.90 +GST

Apuro Planetary Mixer - 9Ltr

10 Litre Planetary Mixer 500W Stainless Steel Bowl

SKU: GL190-A

$1,099.90 +GST

Birko Kitchen Mixer - 7Ltr

Multi-Speed & Multi-Function. Capacity: 7Ltr.

SKU: DL563

$724.90 +GST

$1,290.00 +GST

Hamilton Beach CPM0800 Planetary Mixer 8lt

8 quart stainless steel bowl , capacity of 2kg of

SKU: CPM0800

$1,650.00 +GST

Hobart Planetary Mixer - 20Ltr (Direct)

Capacity: 20 Ltr.

SKU: DN550

$5,099.90 +GST

$1,399.90 +GST

Kitchenaid Ultra Power Mixer Black KSM150

Bowl Capacity: 4.8Ltr. Model: PM91020

SKU: GA919

$679.90 +GST

Kitchenaid Ultra Power Mixer Red KSM150

Bowl Capacity: 4.8Ltr. Model: PM91010

SKU: DN292

$674.90 +GST

Kitchenaid Ultra Power Mixer White KSM150

Bowl Capacity: 4.8Ltr. Model: PM91000

SKU: DN557

$679.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer - 10Ltr (B2B)

Capacity: 10Ltr

SKU: GF482

$3,299.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer - 25Ltr (B2B)

Capacity: 25Ltr

SKU: GF483

$4,199.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer - 30Ltr (B2B)

Capacity: 30Ltr.

SKU: GF484

$6,699.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer - 40Ltr (B2B)

Capacity: 40Ltr.

SKU: GF485

$8,899.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer - 5Ltr

Capacity: 5Ltr

SKU: GF480

$949.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer - 60Ltr (B2B)

Capacity: 60Ltr.

SKU: GF486

$9,499.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer - 80Ltr (B2B)

Capacity: 80Ltr.

SKU: GF487

$15,999.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer - 8Ltr (B2B)

Capacity: 8Ltr.

SKU: GF481

$1,799.90 +GST

Spare Bowl for Birko Kitchen Mixer - 7Ltr

Stainless Steel. Capacity: 7Ltr.

SKU: BK1315262

$120.00 +GST

$3,300.00 +GST