Sous Vide

Simple to use, the Nisbets range of professional, reliable sous vide machines includes units from leading brands including Apuro - ideal for restuarants.

Apuro Portable Sous Vide

Stainless Steel. Power: 1500W

SKU: DM868-A

$374.90 +GST

$108.85 +GST

Apuro Sous Vide Water Bath - 12.5Ltr

Capacity: 12.5Ltr. With timer

SKU: DM869-A

$599.90 +GST

$1,453.00 +GST

Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Classic Series

45L Sous Vide Circulator

SKU: SVPS7005-000

$1,815.00 +GST