Rice Cookers

Offering an effective, efficient way to prepare and maintain large quantities of perfectly cooked rice, our fantastic selection of Apuro, Roband and Birko rice cookers make it easier than ever before to cook and store rice in bulk.

Roband Rice Cooker SW5400

Capacity: 5.4Ltr/ 30 Cup. Dimensions: 380(H) x 380

SKU: DL571

$342.00 +GST

Apuro Rice Cooker

Power: 1.95kW. Capacity: 13Ltr Cooked Rice/ 6Ltr D

SKU: J300-A

$224.90 +GST

Roband 10Ltr/55Cup Rice Cooker

Capacity: 10Ltr/ 55 Cup.


$558.00 +GST

Birko Rice Cooker 1007000

Power: 1.95kW. Capacity: 6Ltr

SKU: GH513

$344.90 +GST

Birko Steam Cooker - 6Ltr

Power: 1kW. Capacity: 6Ltr. Dimensions: 300(H)x 31

SKU: GH568

$319.90 +GST

Birko Wire Basket for Steam Cooker

Wire Basket to fit Birko Steam Cooker (GH568). Dim

SKU: GH569

$109.90 +GST

Rice Cooker And Warmer - 35 Portions

6L Capacity


$555.00 +GST

Rice Warmer - 55 Portions

9.6L Capacity


$339.00 +GST