Offering unparalleled performance and great tasting, healthy grilled food, our extensive selection of quality grills have proven to be the must-have cooking appliance for all types of catering establishments.

Roband Wide Mouth Toaster Grill GMW815E

Power: 3.45kW. Dimensions: 320(H)x 616(W)x 390(D)m

SKU: GH852

$1,007.50 +GST

$2,724.90 +GST

Cobra Gas Salamander - LPG (Direct)


SKU: DN555-P

$1,849.90 +GST

Roband Salamander Grill SA15

Power: 3.2kW. 15 Slice. Dimensions: 355(H) x 690(W

SKU: GH853

$876.25 +GST

Roband Toaster/Griller GMX810

Power 2.4kW. Dimensions: 315(H)x 582(W)x 312(D)mm

SKU: GB122

$652.50 +GST

Thor Gas Salamander Grill - LPG


SKU: GE559-P

$1,749.90 +GST

Toaster Grill 15 amp

Dimensions: 370(H)x 600(W)x 290(D)mm

SKU: GC356

$534.90 +GST

Toaster Griller Quartz - 10 Amp

Power: 2.2kW. Dimensions: 370(H)x 600(W)x 290(D)mm

SKU: DN088

$464.90 +GST

$2,824.90 +GST