Servery & Display Fridges

Entice your customers and showcase your products in the best light possible with our wide range of display refrigeration, ideal for commercial establishments such as bars and retail outlets looking to capitalise on impulse buys. From bottle coolers to beer fridges, chest freezers to display fridges and cold food bars, we have a huge range of heavy duty products to help you with presentation, storage and in-house merchandising.

Polar Upright Display Cabinet 218Ltr White

530(W)mm. Capacity: 218Ltr.

SKU: DM075-A

$749.90 +GST

Polar Upright Display Fridge 336Ltr White

620(W)mm. Capacity: 368Ltr

SKU: DM076-A

$1,049.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerated Servery Topper 1500mm

1500(W)mm. Capacity: 5x 1/3 GN and 1x 1/2 GN. Trop

SKU: GD876-A

$924.90 +GST

Polar Glass Door Refrigerator 150Ltr

600(W)mm. Capacity: 150Ltr.

SKU: CD086-A

$849.90 +GST

Polar Glass Door Refrigerator 400Ltr

600(W)mm. Capacity: 400Ltr

SKU: CD087-A

$1,149.90 +GST

Polar Glass Door Refrigerator 600Ltr

777(W)mm. Capacity: 600Ltr.

SKU: CD088-A

$1,449.90 +GST

Polar Two Door Upright Display Cabinet 944Ltr Whit

1200(W)mm. Capacity: 944Ltr.

SKU: CD984-A

$1,949.90 +GST

CG180FA-2XB 'CG' Chilled Display Cabinets

1800 mm wide Refrigerated Curved Glass Stainless S


$5,400.00 +GST

Williams Topaz Double Glass Door Display Fridge HT

1225(W)mm. Capacity: 950Ltr.

SKU: DL820

$2,969.95 +GST

Williams Topaz Single Glass Door Fridge HTM150GDCB

600(W)mm. Capacity: 148Ltr.

SKU: DL823

$1,385.95 +GST

Williams Topaz Refrigerated Cake And Food Display

900(W)mm. Capacity: 280Ltr.

SKU: DL824

$4,662.90 +GST

Williams Topaz Refrigerated Cake And Food Display

1200(W)mm. Capacity: 400Ltr.

SKU: DL825

$5,311.90 +GST

Williams Topaz Refrigerated Cake And Food Display

1500 (W)mm. Capacity: 520Ltr.

SKU: DL826

$6,301.90 +GST

Williams Topaz Refrigerated Cake And Food Display

1800(W)mm. Capacity: 640Ltr.

SKU: DL827

$7,027.90 +GST

$3,117.40 +GST

Williams Double Upright Glass Door Fridge HQ28GDCB

1000(W)mm. Capacity: 670Ltr.

SKU: DN468

$3,139.40 +GST

Williams Upright Single Glass Door Fridge HQ14GDCB

650(W)mm. Capacity: 400Ltr.

SKU: DN469

$2,924.90 +GST

Roband Cold Food Bar SRX23RD

1030(W)mm. Capacity: 3x GN 1/1 Pan.

SKU: GC851

$6,506.25 +GST

Roband Cold Food Bar SRX24RD

1355(W)mm. Capacity: 4x GN 1/1 Pan.

SKU: GC852

$7,161.25 +GST

Polar Chilled Display Cabinet 68Ltr

488(W)mm. 68Ltr

SKU: GC870-A

$599.90 +GST

Polar Chilled Display Cabinet 98Ltr

495(W)mm. Capacity: 98Ltr.

SKU: GC871-A

$699.90 +GST

Polar Chilled Display Merchandiser 100Ltr

695(W)mm. Capacity: 100Ltr.

SKU: GC872-A

$849.90 +GST

Polar Chilled Display Merchandiser 120Ltr

695(W)mm. Capacity: 120Ltr.

SKU: GC873-A

$949.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerated Servery Topper 1200mm

1200(W)mm. Capacity: 3x 1/3 GN and 1x 1/2 GN. Trop

SKU: GD875-A

$849.90 +GST