Prep Counter Fridges

Great quality prep stations, providing tough, reliable refrigerated units for preparation and efficient storage. Ideal for busy cafes, sandwich shops and pizzerias where fast service is essential.

Polar Preparation Counter 2 Door - 1.5m

1555(W)mm. Capacity: 527Ltr. Tropical

SKU: GD883-A

$2,649.90 +GST

$5,000.00 +GST

Polar Preparation Counter 2 Door - 1.2m

1225(W)mm. Capacity: 405Ltr. Tropical

SKU: GD882-A

$2,349.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerated 2 Door Counter Salad/Pizza Prep

900(W)mm. Capacity: 5x 1/6 GN.

SKU: G604-A

$1,649.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerated 3 Door Counter Salad/Pizza Prep

1370(W)mm. Capacity: 8x 1/4 GN.

SKU: G605-A

$1,949.90 +GST

$6,499.90 +GST

$8,799.90 +GST

True Salad Prep Counter 1 door - 8x1/6 GN pan top

1 Door, 12x 1/6 GN Pan Top

SKU: GH562-A

$2,699.90 +GST

True Salad Prep Counter 2 doors - 12x1/6 GN pan to

Stainless steel Finish. 2 Door. Model: TSSU-48-12

SKU: CC234-A

$3,999.90 +GST

True Salad Prep Counter 2 doors - 16x1/6 GN pan to

1534(W)mm. Capacity: 439Ltr

SKU: CC235-A

$4,599.90 +GST

True Salad Prep Counter 3 doors - 18x1/6 GN pan to

1839(W)mm. Capacity: 538Ltr

SKU: CC236-A

$5,199.90 +GST

Williams 2 Door Pizza Preparation Counter HJ2PCBA

1815(W)mm. Capacity: 710Ltr. 9x 1/3 GN pots.

SKU: DN473

$5,909.00 +GST

Williams 2 Door Sandwich & Prep Counter With C

1815(W)mm. Capacity: 500Ltr. 18x 1/6 GN pots.

SKU: DN474

$5,899.90 +GST

Williams 3 Door Pizza Preparation Counter HJ3PCBA

2476(W)mm. Capacity: 1072Ltr. 12x 1/3 GN pots.

SKU: DN472

$7,038.90 +GST

Williams 3 Door Sandwich & Prep Counter With C

2476(W)mm. Capacity: 775Ltr. 24x 1/6 GN Pots.

SKU: DN475

$9,514.89 +GST

Williams Jade Pizza Preparation two door counter w

9 x 1/3 150mm Deep Pans


$5,894.00 +GST