Prep Counter Fridges

Great quality prep stations, providing tough, reliable refrigerated units for preparation and efficient storage. Ideal for busy cafes, sandwich shops and pizzerias where fast service is essential.

$5,000.00 +GST

Polar Preparation Counter 2 Door - 1.2m

1225(W)mm. Capacity: 405Ltr. Tropical

SKU: GD882-A

$2,349.90 +GST

Polar Preparation Counter 2 Door - 1.5m

1555(W)mm. Capacity: 527Ltr. Tropical

SKU: GD883-A

$2,649.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerated 2 Door Counter Salad/Pizza Prep

900(W)mm. Capacity: 5x 1/6 GN.

SKU: G604-A

$1,649.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerated 3 Door Counter Salad/Pizza Prep

1370(W)mm. Capacity: 8x 1/4 GN.

SKU: G605-A

$1,949.90 +GST

$6,499.90 +GST

$8,799.90 +GST

True Salad Prep Counter 1 door - 8x1/6 GN pan top

1 Door, 12x 1/6 GN Pan Top

SKU: GH562-A

$2,699.90 +GST

True Salad Prep Counter 2 doors - 12x1/6 GN pan to

Stainless steel Finish. 2 Door. Model: TSSU-48-12

SKU: CC234-A

$3,999.90 +GST

True Salad Prep Counter 2 doors - 16x1/6 GN pan to

1534(W)mm. Capacity: 439Ltr

SKU: CC235-A

$4,599.90 +GST

True Salad Prep Counter 3 doors - 18x1/6 GN pan to

1839(W)mm. Capacity: 538Ltr

SKU: CC236-A

$5,199.90 +GST

Williams 2 Door Pizza Preparation Counter HJ2PCBA

1815(W)mm. Capacity: 710Ltr. 9x 1/3 GN pots.

SKU: DN473

$5,909.00 +GST

Williams 2 Door Sandwich & Prep Counter With C

1815(W)mm. Capacity: 500Ltr. 18x 1/6 GN pots.

SKU: DN474

$5,899.90 +GST

Williams 3 Door Pizza Preparation Counter HJ3PCBA

2476(W)mm. Capacity: 1072Ltr. 12x 1/3 GN pots.

SKU: DN472

$7,038.90 +GST

Williams 3 Door Sandwich & Prep Counter With C

2476(W)mm. Capacity: 775Ltr. 24x 1/6 GN Pots.

SKU: DN475

$9,514.89 +GST

Williams Jade Pizza Preparation two door counter w

9 x 1/3 150mm Deep Pans


$5,894.00 +GST