Counter Fridges

A wide range of counter fridges and prep stations, boasting high build quality and innovative design, providing establishments such as pizzerias and cafes every advantage when it comes to preparation and service. Also ideal for sandwich shops and establishments needing to make the most of kitchen space, these counter fridges and prep stations are supplied by top brands such as Polar and Williams.

Polar U-Series Double Door Counter Fridge 282Ltr

1360(W)mm. Capacity: 282Ltr. Tropical

SKU: G596-A

$1,699.90 +GST

$5,205.00 +GST

Gastronorm Counter Refrigeration St/St 1 Door (Dir

1152(W)mm. Capacity: 310Ltr.

SKU: DN457

$3,599.90 +GST

Gastronorm Counter Refrigeration St/St 2 Door (Dir

1815(W)mm. Capacity: 623Ltr.

SKU: DN459

$6,299.90 +GST

Hoshizaki RTE-120SDA-GN Counter Refrigerator

Ambient temperature of up to 43°C


$2,714.00 +GST

Hoshizaki RTE-170SDA-GN Counter Refrigerator

Ambient temperature of up to 43°C


$3,188.00 +GST

$9,170.00 +GST

Opal Gastronorm Counter Refrigerator - 1 Door 190L

955(W)mm. Capacity: 190Ltr.

SKU: DN463

$3,299.90 +GST

Opal Gastronorm Counter Refrigerator - 3 Door (Dir

1885(W)mm. Capacity: 510Ltr.

SKU: DN465

$5,699.90 +GST

Opal Gastronorm Counter Two Door Undercounter Refr

1420(W)mm. Capacity: 350Ltr.

SKU: DN460

$4,299.90 +GST

Polar G-Series Double Door Counter Fridge 240Ltr

900(W)mm. Capacity: 240Ltr.

SKU: U636-A

$1,099.90 +GST

Polar G-Series Triple Door Counter Fridge 368Ltr

1370(W)mm. Capacity: 368Ltr

SKU: G622-A

$1,499.90 +GST

Polar U-Series Four Door Counter Fridge 553Ltr

Stainless Steel Finish. 4 Door. Tropical

SKU: G598-A

$2,699.90 +GST

Polar U-Series Triple Door Counter Fridge 417Ltr

1795(W)mm. Capacity: 417Ltr. Tropical Rated

SKU: G597-A

$2,199.90 +GST

RTC-150-MNA 2 Door Counter Refrigerator

1500mm x 600mm x 815mm


$3,364.00 +GST

True 2 Drawer Refrigerated Chef Base - 3 x 1/1 GN

Model: TRCB-52. 2 Drawers

SKU: CC664-A

$5,799.90 +GST

True 2 Drawer Refrigerated Chef Base 1 x 1/1 GN +

Model: TRCB-36. 2 Drawers

SKU: GH563-A

$5,299.90 +GST

True 4 Drawer Refrigerated Chef Base - 2 x 1/1 GN

Model: TRCB-79. 4 Drawers

SKU: GH550-A

$7,899.90 +GST

True TUC-27D-2-HC Undercounter Refrigerator

2 Drawers 1/1GN


$3,906.00 +GST

True Undercounter Refrigerator - 1 Door (Direct)

Model: TUC-27. Refrigerator 1 Door (702mm)

SKU: GH531-A

$2,299.90 +GST

True Undercounter Refrigerator - 2 Doors (Direct)

Model: TUC-48. Refrigerator 2 doors (1229mm)

SKU: GH532-A

$3,399.90 +GST

Williams Boronia 3 Stainless Glass Doors 560L Blac

2189mm x 650mm x 845mm - 10 amp


$5,329.00 +GST

Williams Boronia 4 Stainless Steel Doors 760Ltr

2775mm x 650mm x 845mm - 10 amp


$7,124.00 +GST