Bar Fridges

Compact, convenient under counter fridges, boasting high quality workmanship and hardwearing components for reliable space-saving storage.

Polar C-Series Hotel Room Fridge

400(W)mm. Capacity: 30 Ltr.

SKU: CE322-A

$349.90 +GST

Polar C-Series Stainless Steel Under Counter Fridg

600(W)mm. Capacity: 150Ltr.

SKU: CD080-A

$899.90 +GST

Polar C-Series Under Counter Fridge White 150Ltr

600(W)mm. Capacity: 150Ltr

SKU: CD610-A

$799.90 +GST

Polar C-Series Under Counter Wine Fridge 28 Bottle

430(W)mm. Capacity: 28 x 750ml Bottles.

SKU: CE203-A

$449.90 +GST

Polar C-Series Under Counter Wine Fridge 48 Bottle

550(W)mm. Capacity: 48 x 750ml Bottles.

SKU: CE204-A

$549.90 +GST

Polar Double Door Upright Back Bar Cooler Hinged S

Stainless Steel. Hinged Doors

SKU: CK477-A

$2,299.90 +GST

Polar Double Door Upright Back Bar Cooler Sliding

Stainless Steel. Sliding Doors

SKU: CK478-A

$2,299.90 +GST

$1,199.90 +GST

$1,799.90 +GST

Polar G-Series Upright Back Bar Cooler with Slidin

Sliding Double Doors

SKU: GJ448-A

$1,799.90 +GST

Polar Premium Bar Fridge 2 Door

Stainless Steel Finish. 2 Door. Tropical

SKU: CK490-A

$2,799.90 +GST

Polar Premium Bar Fridge 3 Door

Stainless Steel Finish. 3 Door. Tropical

SKU: CK491-A

$3,199.90 +GST

Polar Premium Bar Fridge 4 Door

Stainless Steel Finish. 4 Door. Tropical

SKU: CK492-A

$3,599.90 +GST

$810.00 +GST

True Direct Draw Beer Underbar Refrigeration 2 Fon

Dim: (W)1496mm x (D)689mm x (H)940mm


$4,653.00 +GST

Under Bar Drawer Fridge - 1 Door / 6 Drawers

1 Door / 6 Drawers

SKU: UBD6000

$4,500.00 +GST