Convection Ovens

Eliminating ‘hot-spots’ using their highly innovative and intelligent fan-assisted heating mechanism, our fantastic range of professional and commercial convection ovens guarantee perfectly even cooking and baking.

Convection Oven - Prima


SKU: COA1003

$1,200.00 +GST

$1,300.00 +GST

Electrolux Air-O-Convect 10x 1/1 Level C oven Wi

898mm x 915mm x 1058mm


$13,911.00 +GST

Electrolux Air-O-Convect 1/1GN

10 Tray, LPG


$16,238.00 +GST

Moffat Electric Convection Oven E22M3 (Direct)

Capacity: 3x 2/3GN. Dimensions: 552(H)x 610(W)x 60

SKU: DN420

$1,699.90 +GST

Moffat Electric Convection Oven E31D4 (Direct)

Capacity: 4x 1/1 GN. Dimensions: 616(H)x 810(W)x 6

SKU: DN421

$2,999.90 +GST

Moffat Max Electric Convection Oven 4 Tray Capacit

Power: 6.5kW. Capacity 170Ltr. Dimensions: 730(H)x

SKU: DN422

$4,899.90 +GST

Turbofan 2x 660x460 Capacity Manual Electric Conve

Dimensions: 607(H)x 810(W)x 762(D)mm

SKU: GE761

$2,599.90 +GST

Turbofan 3x 2/3Gn Capacity Manual Electric Convect

Dimensions: 560(H)x 610(W)x 608(D)mm

SKU: GE760

$1,999.90 +GST

Turbofan 5x 1/1Gn Capacity Digital Electric Convec

Dimensions: 722(H)x 610(W)x 680(D)mm

SKU: GE762

$4,199.90 +GST

$2,699.90 +GST

Turbofan G32D4 Full Size Tray Digital Gas Convecti

Dimensions: 910(H)x 735(W)x 810(D)mm

SKU: GE763

$5,549.90 +GST