Commercial Microwave Ovens

Perfect for cooking, reheating and defrosting a variety of foods, our extensive range of commercial microwaves from top brand names Samsung and Birko ensure quality, reliability and excellent performance.

Samsung CMWO Programmable Controls Microwave - 110

Power: 1.1kW. Programmable. Dimensions: 297(H) x 5

SKU: CB937

$549.90 +GST

Anvil MWA1100 Heavy Duty Microwave 1100W

1100 Watt output power - Programmable Touch Contro


$812.00 +GST

Anvil MWA1800 Heavy Duty Microwave 1800W

1800 Watt output power - Programmable Touch Contro


$1,850.00 +GST

Birko Microwave - 1000Watt

Power: 1kW. Capacity: 26 Ltr

SKU: DL572

$639.90 +GST

Bonn Heavy Duty 1900W Commercial Microwave Oven CM

26Ltr oven capacity


$2,399.00 +GST

Bonn Microwave - 1900watt


SKU: CP374

$2,249.90 +GST

Samsung CMWO Manual Microwave - 1100watt

Power: 1.1kW. Manual. Dimensions: 297(H) x 517(W)

SKU: CB936

$499.90 +GST

Samsung Microwave CMWO Manual Dial - 1850watt 26Lt

Model: CM1919. Power: 1850W. Manual Control.

SKU: C528

$899.90 +GST

Samsung Microwave CMWO Programmable - 1850watt 26L

Model: CM1929. Power: 1850W. Programmable Touch Co

SKU: C529

$949.90 +GST