Commercial Ovens

10 GN 1/1 Plus Electric Combi Oven



$16,800.00 +GST

Anvil MWA1100 Heavy Duty Microwave 1100W

1100 Watt output power - Programmable Touch Contro


$812.00 +GST

Anvil MWA1800 Heavy Duty Microwave 1800W

1800 Watt output power - Programmable Touch Contro


$1,850.00 +GST

$1,300.00 +GST

Goldstein 6 burner Gas Range

With Pilots

SKU: PF-6-28

$6,495.00 +GST

Kompatto by Giorik

KH - Touch Screen with High Efficiency Steam Gener


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From $10,291.00 +GST


Moffat Max Electric Convection Oven 4 Tray Capacit

Power: 6.5kW. Capacity 170Ltr. Dimensions: 730(H)x

SKU: DN422

$4,999.90 $3,910.42

Samsung CMWO Manual Microwave - 1100watt

Power: 1.1kW. Manual. Dimensions: 297(H) x 517(W)

SKU: CB936

$499.90 +GST

Stainless Steel Stand for EC40M5 & EC40M7 Comb

For Turbofan EC40M5, EC40D5, EC40M7 & EC40D7

SKU: CP795

$749.90 +GST

Turbofan Electric Combi Oven Full Size 5-Tray Manu

7.5kW. 5 x Tray. Manual

SKU: CR257

$6,899.90 +GST

10 GN 1/1 One Electric Combi Oven


SKU: XEVC-1011-E1R

$11,970.00 +GST

600 x 400- Full Size Stand Lateral Support

7 Tray 600x400 - Tray Height: 60 mm


$252.00 +GST

Apuro Induction Hob - 3kW AUS PLUG

Power: 3kW. Dimensions: 100(H) x 330(W) x 430(D)mm

SKU: CE208-A

$324.90 +GST

Birko Microwave - 1000Watt

Power: 1kW. Capacity: 26 Ltr

SKU: DL572

$639.90 +GST

$9,524.90 +GST

$5,624.90 +GST

Blue Seal By Moffat 1200mm Static Oven Range 2X Bu

2 Burners. 900mm Griddle. LPG

SKU: GR801-P

$9,524.90 +GST

Blue Seal By Moffat 1200mm Static Oven Range 4X Bu

4 Burners. 600mm Griddle. LPG

SKU: GR800-P

$9,524.90 +GST

Blue Seal By Moffat 1200mm Static Oven Range 6X Bu

6 Burners. 300mm Griddle. LPG

SKU: GR799-P

$9,524.90 +GST

Blue Seal by Moffat 2 Burner, 900mm Griddle, LPG G

LPG. 2 Burner. 900mm Plate, D: 915(H)x 1200(W)x 81

SKU: GE825A-P_

$9,520.00 +GST

Blue Seal By Moffat 900mm Convection Oven Range 4X

900(W)mm. LPG. 4 Burner, 300mm Griddle

SKU: GR803-P

$9,124.90 +GST

Blue Seal Combi Oven 14 x GN 1/1 (Direct)

Power: 16kW. Capacity: 14 x GN 1/1. Dimensions: 10

SKU: GG415

$15,729.89 +GST

Blue Seal Combi Oven 9 x GN 1/1 (Direct)

Power: 9.5kW. Capacity: 9 x GN 1/1. Dimensions: 81

SKU: GG414

$12,979.89 +GST

Blue Seal Gas Oven Range - LPG (Direct)


SKU: DN552-P

$6,849.90 +GST