Spare Seal Preserve Jar (500ml - 2Ltr)

Fits 500ml to 2Ltr preserve jars

SKU: CC988

$3.50 +GST

Milkshake Cup Stainless Steel

H:175mm Cap:600ml

SKU: TR70676

$4.80 +GST

Apuro Stainless Steel Kettle - 3.5Ltr

Capacity: 3.5Ltr

SKU: CK829-A

$39.90 +GST

Anvil Meat Mincer #12

200kg per Hour


$900.00 +GST

Anvil MWA1100 Heavy Duty Microwave 1100W

1100 Watt output power - Programmable Touch Contro


$812.00 +GST

Apuro Black Soup Kettle - 10Ltr - AUS PLUG

Capacity: 10Ltr. With Hinged Lid

SKU: L715-A

$99.90 +GST

Apuro Pie Cabinet - 30pies

Capacity: 30 Pies. Power: 400W

SKU: GF454-A

$399.90 +GST

Apuro Planetary Mixer - 10Ltr

10 Litre Planetary Mixer 500W Stainless Steel Bowl

SKU: GL190-A

$1,199.90 +GST

$454.90 +GST

Birko Hot Water Urn - 10Ltr

Capacity: 10Ltr. With non drip tap

SKU: DL566

$249.90 +GST

Birko Soup Kettle Black - 9Ltr

Capacity: 9Ltr. With Hinged Lid and Carry Handles

SKU: DL564

$189.90 +GST

$74.90 +GST

Polar Cold Deli Showcase Dimension - 1800x715x1200

Stainless Steel Finish. 1800mm wide

SKU: GG219-A

$4,649.90 +GST

Polar Preparation Counter 2 Door - 1.2m

1225(W)mm. Capacity: 405Ltr. Tropical

SKU: GD882-A

$2,349.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerated Counter Top Prep/Servery - 1800

1800(W)mm. Capacity: 8x 1/3 GN Pan. Tropical

SKU: GD877-A

$999.90 +GST

Roband Milkshake & Drink Mixer Red

Colour: Red.


$373.75 +GST

Roband PTFE Non Stick Sheets for 6 Slice Grill Sta

Retainer Clip sold seperately

SKU: GP865

$40.00 +GST

$14.90 +GST

$9,725.00 +GST

Vogue Double Bowl Sink L/H Drainer - 1500mm x 700m

Left Hand Drainer. 1500x 700mm

SKU: HC917

$699.90 +GST

$3,924.90 +GST

Waring Variable Stick Blender - 40cm 16'

Shaft: 400mm (16). Power: 650W

SKU: CR527-A

$624.90 +GST