Commercial Dishwashers

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Washtech by Moffat Glasswasher XG

540 glasses/hr. Drain Pump. Economy

SKU: DN419

$2,649.90 +GST

$6,428.00 +GST

Eswood Smartwash 400 Under Counter Glass/Dishwashe

15 amp - 435mm x 530mm x 690mm


$2,621.00 +GST

Culinaire EVO40ST High Performance Glass Washer

480mm(W) x 505mm(D) x 750mm(H) - 15 Amp Power


$2,542.55 +GST

Vogue Dishwasher Rack Dolly

Capacity: 40kg.

SKU: CB006

$89.90 +GST

Classeq Eco 2 Glasswasher ECO2P

480 glasses/hr. Drain Pump

SKU: CB968

$2,099.90 +GST

Hydro Pass-Through Dishwasher H857A/DET

Model: Hydro 857 Detergent Pump. Hot Fill.

SKU: CB976

$4,619.95 +GST

Washtech XV Undercounter Dishwasher and Glasswashe

Up to 840 plate/hr or 960 glasses/hr. Gravity Drai

SKU: CP601

$3,599.90 +GST

Washtech XL Heavy Duty Pass Through Dishwasher

Up to 1620 plates/hr. Drain Pump

SKU: CP930

Price On Application

$6,272.64 +GST

$4,272.64 +GST

$13,636.27 +GST

$13,636.27 +GST

$20,454.45 +GST

$24,727.18 +GST

Classeq D500 Undercounter Dishwasher

360 plates/hr. Gravity Drain & Rinse Booster

SKU: DL810

$3,299.90 +GST

Washtech Undercounter Dishwasher


SKU: DN415

$4,454.89 +GST

Washtech by Moffat Glasswasher GE

1000 glasses/hr. Gravity Drain. Rinse Booster

SKU: DN416

$2,349.90 +GST

Washtech by Moffat Pass Through Dishwasher XP

1000 plates/hr. Economy

SKU: DN417

$5,049.90 +GST

Hobart Glasswasher ECOMAX402

600 glasses/hr. Gravity Drain & Rinse Aid Disp

SKU: DN482

$2,449.90 +GST

Hobart Pass Through Dishwasher ECOMAX602-1

840 plates/hr. Gravity Drain. Single Phase

SKU: DN483

$4,949.90 +GST

Hobart Hood Type Dish & Glasswasher - 3 Phase

Recirculating. Three Phase

SKU: DN485

$5,388.90 +GST

Hobart Undercounter Dishwasher ECOMAX502



$3,799.90 +GST

Electrolux NUC1GMS Undercounter Dishwasher

High Performance Undercounter Dishwasher


$3,500.00 +GST