Grill & Griddle Cleaners

A wide range of Grillmaster grill stones and griddle cleaning systems which will work on even the hardest of grill stains to quickly and efficiently remove burnt on grease and stains.

$3.45 +GST

$30.00 +GST

$3.15 +GST

Hot Plate Griddle Screen Holder

Blue Handle

SKU: GP-723

$24.05 +GST

4 Row Stiff Wire Brush - Plastic Handle

Plastic handle is impervious to most oil and greas

SKU: B-14030

$11.55 +GST

5 Row Stiff Wire Brush - Wood Handle

Hard wearing steel wire bristles

SKU: B-14023

$9.75 +GST

Black Nylon Scourer Pad 10 Pack

10 Pack

SKU: SC-505

$12.00 +GST