Grill & Griddle Cleaners

A wide range of Grillmaster grill stones and griddle cleaning systems which will work on even the hardest of grill stains to quickly and efficiently remove burnt on grease and stains.

Black Nylon Scourer Pad 10 Pack

10 Pack

SKU: SC-505

$12.00 +GST

4 Row Stiff Wire Brush - Plastic Handle

Plastic handle is impervious to most oil and greas

SKU: B-14030

$11.55 +GST

5 Row Stiff Wire Brush - Wood Handle

Hard wearing steel wire bristles

SKU: B-14023

$9.75 +GST

$3.45 +GST

$3.15 +GST

Hot Plate Griddle Screen Holder

Blue Handle

SKU: GP-723

$24.05 +GST

$30.00 +GST