Dick Pro Dynamic Knives

Premium quality Dick Pro-Dynamic knives have been designed for use in all cooking areas. Featuring quality blades and solid plastic ergonomically designed handles they are incredibly durable.

$7.50 +GST

$9.90 +GST

$9.90 +GST

$9.90 +GST

$29.90 +GST

$37.50 +GST

$49.90 +GST

$59.90 +GST

$39.90 +GST

$19.90 +GST

Dick Pro Dynamic Spatula 13cm

5 Blade

SKU: GD780

$24.90 +GST

$24.10 +GST

$39.50 +GST

Dick Pro Dynamic Slicer 21.5cm

8.5 Blade

SKU: GD783

$42.50 +GST

Dick Fishbone Tweezers

Premium quality fishbone tweezers.

SKU: GD790

$29.59 +GST