Chafing Dish Sets & Fuel

A range of traditional chafing dishes and complete chafing sets from Olympia, ideal for keeping food warm on a buffet.

Easy Heat Bulk Chafing GEL - 4.0Ltr



$28.45 +GST

Easy Heat Chafing GEL - 3 Hours



$2.05 +GST

$249.90 +GST

Olympia Vienna Chafing Dish

Capacity: 7.5 Ltr. Stainless steel.

SKU: CB063

$99.90 +GST

Olympia Liquid Chafing Fuel 2 Hour

12x 2 Hour Tins

SKU: CB733

$17.50 +GST

Olympia Liquid Chafing Fuel 4 Hour

12x 4 Hour Tins

SKU: CB734

$24.90 +GST

Olympia Liquid Chafing Fuel 6 Hour

12x 6 Hour Tins

SKU: CB735

$32.50 +GST

Olympia Milan Chafing Dish

GN 1/1 stainless steel chafer.

SKU: K409

$84.90 +GST

Olympia Milan Chafing Dish Special Offer

GN1/1 stainless steel chafers. Pack quantity: 4.

SKU: S299

$249.90 +GST

Olympia Milan Chafing Dish Twin Pack

GN 1/1 stainless steel chafers. Pack quantity: 2.

SKU: S300

$149.90 +GST

Olympia Madrid Chafing Dish

GN 1/1 chafer. Supplied with water pan, food pan,

SKU: U008

$299.90 +GST

Olympia Paris Chafing Dish

Round chafing dish with roll top. Capacity: 6 Ltr.

SKU: U009

$249.90 +GST